Saturday, May 31, 2014

REVIEW: Ben's Mom's saddle soap & Passier Lederbalsam

So about six months ago I purchased Ben's Mom's saddle soap in Fox's Vanilla Lavender and the Passier Lederbalsam for my old and dry saddle. My saddle, when I first got it, was very dry and scratched pretty easily due to this. My saddle has clearly been well taken care of in the time before I acquired it, but it was just dirty and dehydrated.

When I first opened up the package of the saddle soap, the first thing I noticed was the smell. I'm really not picky on smells - I either like it or I don't. Plain and simple. I love leathery-smelling soaps, glycerin is fine, etc. But this soap smelled like a candle in a Yankee Candle store - and I fell in love. The soap, I believe, is not too unbelievably strong especially once it's on the saddle. The other ladies at the barn who walk in when I'm doing tack always comment on the smell and I've even recommended it to one or two interested ladies already! It's very hard and concentrated which I love because it saves a tonnnn of product. I've done countless pieces of tack with it already and there's not even a dent. I ended up with the 8 oz tub which came to 14.95 (minus tax + shipping) and although it's a bit more than your typical bar of glycerin, I believe it's worth it. I ordered it through an Etsy account which I will link below (along with the Passier Lederbalsam as well). The lederbalsam was as expected: goopy and waxy. Very thick in consistency.

As I use this soap, I make sure that my sponge is damp, not dry/wet/sopping/etc. Damp. I also work in circular motions just because of personal preference - I think it removes dirt better. The soap itself isn't too sudsy and leaves virtually no grain on the leather (unless you use too much). The soap is marketed for an everyday after ride saddle soap, though I use it mostly as a once a week soap. The soap IS gentle enough for everyday use, and can also be made a little more "harsh" for especially dirty tack if you just go over it more than once and scrub a little harder. My saddle is always lovely and feels very conditioned after just using the soap! So sometimes I skip using the lederbalsam, but when my saddle feels like it needs the extra help, here's what I do!

I make sure my saddle has sat for at LEAST 15 minutes so it can soak in all that it needs/wants. After this 15 minutes is usually when I decide whether or not it needs the lederbalsam. After that time I usually use a cloth towel to blot any places I see that are still wet. Now with this lederbalsam, I've tried using both a sponge and a brush, but nothing works as well as fingers. So what I do next is simply get a glob on my fingers and massage it into the leather slowly and in circular motions. I do not recommend using a ton of this product as a little definitely goes a lonnnng way, especially after you use the Ben's Mom's saddle soap since that's conditioning as well. After I massage it all over I put my saddle back on my rack and let it sit for a day or two to absorb what it needs. When I come back the next day, I take a cloth towel and gently rub my saddle in circular motions to work in any extra, but take off some as well.

Overall, I believe these products are very high quality and I will be purchasing again after I run out!! They do their job and keep my tack looking great - and Evy sure appreciates looking so spectacular ;)

Ben's Mom's Etsy page:
Passier Lederbalsam:

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Wow. It's been 6 months since I was last updating.. I'm so bad at this. Anyways. Today's blog will be an update on life, how everyone is, and why I haven't posted. Probably immediately following this post I will post the review for the Ben's Mom's saddle soap and as well as a review for the Passier Lederbalsam that was promised SIX MONTHS AGO.

Anyways. After I left off, Eve and I kind of had a bad couple of months ride wise. I felt like she was being disrespectful more often, which although it was my fault for being so passive, it was frustrating and affecting our rides. So I gave her a solid 2-3 weeks off so she could get herself together as well as myself. We start riding again and things are getting better, then I talked to the BO who had a chiropractor out, and apparently Eve has been out in a lot of places and we think it's due to saddle fit despite my cushy mattes pad and cushy regular pad under it. So that was reallllly disappointing. So for the past 4 months I have seldom got on her with the exception of bareback. We're going to have a saddle fitter out soon I think, but I remember Di (BO) saying it'd probably be around 250-300 for consultation + whatever needs to be done, minus if I need to invest in a new pad such as an ogivly (sp?). So yeah. Money money money.

Speaking of money - why I haven't been updating even recently: I wrecked my car. Well. I actually hit a deer (sorry Bambi) but it almost totaled my car by a hair. But 2 months and 1500$ later he's fixed. During those two months I was not able to go up to the barn due to virtually no transportation. So that's why I haven't been updating. And literally all my money went to that which is why no saddle fitter yet! Yay for parents teaching responsibility and making me pay my way for what I want to do!!!! - not.

From the updates I've gotten from Di everyone is well and fat - we're working on a Jenny Craig program at the moment. ;)

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