Saturday, January 18, 2014

juhumps, standards and cute photos. oh and a vid

as promised, here is a video of Evy and I trotting. please excuse my EQ I know it's not the best. clearly it's not the most interesting video but progress is progress, boring or not. but here's the link! 

anyways. today I decide to test the little girl and see if she can use her brain. (and she can!) so I set up this little mini 'course' with ground poles and it was pretty cute :) she did a lovely job and after jumping all the ground poles, she eventually trotted over them like a princess. such a productive day! anyways, here: 

it was cute. but maaaaaaAAAn I never realized how heavy standards were until today O_O jeeeeeez. and I didn't just have to move them a few feet. no. I moved them (by myself, mind you) from the farthest part of the outdoor to the indoor. so it's a good couple hundred feet, and by counting the number of standards in the photo you can do the math on how many trips that was. but it was worth it. it was a great teaching tool and Evy LOOOOVED it. not once did her ears go down to even listen back. the only real 'negative' was that she had her giraffe stance while working all day because she was so excited, so we need to go back to lunging with side reins before riding. again. :/ but oh well. so yeah. good ride. :) 
hopefully lesson Monday *fingers crossed* 

I'll leave you with some cute shots from today :) 
Lauren + Evy

my favorite photo of her thus far. lolol. 
and this is storm, Evy's sister!! hopefully when she's sound she'll start jumping as well :) 

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