Monday, January 20, 2014

accomplishments, sore body and a long, great day


so remember how I said I set that course up all by myself and I was so happy?? yeah. well lol. my body has been kiiiilling me since Saturday. I struggled at work Saturday evening + all day Sunday. ugh. oh well. no pain, no gain right? hopefully I gained a lot of whatever the gains supposed to be.. 

I'm a weenie. there, I said it. it's out to the world. I'm a weenie, but I'm a weird weenie. I know in my head that I should be comfortable as a labelled 'intermediate' rider. I've been riding for 10+ years, worked both on the ground and up on horses extensively, I've done many different disciplines within both English and Western categories, I've worked with greenies, and probably more. but I'm still a weenie. I can't help it. a couple bad falls takes it's toll on your confidence after a while. but today, I shoved the weenie in me back and let a confident rider emerge - I cantered the beast. now you may be saying at this point: that's all? what? but here are a couple points for you to understand. 
1.) each of my falls (every single one minus one or two) has been while I was in/going into/coming out of a canter. once I'm in it I'm fine and dandy but going into it makes me a little nervous. 
2.) Evy is a fairly large OTTB. emphasis on OTTB. no breaks. but I still did it (and there were no breaks......) 
3.) she's one of the biggest horses I've ridden/worked with and because of this, everything is bigger than I'm used to. even her walk is bigger. I was always the kid stuck on ponies because I've always been kinda short.  #shortgirlprobz 

so yes. I'm proud of myself and Evy. she did very nice and a few times we had a nice canter going. we cantered a total of 3 times, about twice around the ring each. so a total of six laps. it was a good break from trotting and walking. we won't stop with working on those, but adding in a nice canter (or hand gallop as she was doing) will be nice to freshen things up a bit. I adore my girl. :) 

so today was a great ride and on top of that I lucked out with great weather - almost 50 degrees!! after I rode I decided to clean my saddle, bridle and another boarder's bridle. I was itching for an excuse to use my new soap and conditioner :) review on the soap will come very soon - I would just do it now but I wanna see what it's like after it sits overnight alone on the bridle, and how it looks overnight on my saddle w/ the Passier lederbalsam! :) i won't say any more about it now because i want the review to be thorough. so yeah. spent 6 hours at the barn chillin then picked up my new phone! the iPhone 5s (black one)     I'm a little addicted right now ;) 

sit up! 
Lauren + Evy 

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