Thursday, January 2, 2014


my name is Lauren, and I lease an 8 yr old chestnut OTTB mare named Evy. this blog will tell about our trials together, indivually and everything else! she has a severe case of Chestnut Mare Syndrome (CMS) and is my main babe. her gaits are less than desirable and she still have no breaks, and jumps and poles are 'SO EXCITING MOM!!!!' she has the sass of a mare in heat 24/7/52/365, so it's a good thing she's cute. right now our goals are to get less fat (she's thiiiiick) and more in shape, get stopping/turning/circling figured out and possibly start applying the above to her trot. eventually, I'd like to do eventing with her!

anyways. the other day we did some lunging over some trotting poles to stretch out her back since she has a sore back a lot of the time after she's ridden, and generally just to tune her up. so we did that for a while then I hopped on and decided that we'd practice using/reacting to aids and what not. it was a pretty good ride to say the least! she got a little bored in the end and wanted to trot over the poles (holy unbalanced) but she was pretty good. 

the next day I hopped on her sister Fiesta who is a classically trained dressage horse who is owned by the same owner. let's just say I have a lottttt more respect for dressage riders. coming from hunter jumper land, I never realized how much of everything dressage riders use. needless to say I'm extremely sore but I had a pretty good ride. it was a little difficult for me to understand what i was supposed to be doing at first but I think I got the hang of it generally well. I hope. 

thanks for checking out the blog! I'll leave you until next time with a picture or two of the pretty girl Evy. 

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