Friday, January 17, 2014

kind of a boring update and dreams

hey guys. 

so sorry but this will be kind of a boring update. I rode on Wednesday and brought my sister up to record and take pictures. here's one: 
it's kind of cute. it was a decent ride. not the best and she was kind of just being a bitch. but as I've said for years, it's the bad rides that make the good rides so good. I'll try to get the video up (maybe) of I can figure it out. my EQ isn't the best and not to make excuses, but I'm still getting used to her and her gait. so yeah. 
I was going to go up to ride today (as part of the plan or whatever) but it was too snowy. :/ hopefully tomorrow I can go up! 

but anyways. my saddle conditioner and sponges came in the mail today. 
I'm super stoked to try it out :) and my BensMoms soap is still on it's way so I'll do my review when it comes and when I actually use it!! how often do you guys clean (soap + condition) your saddle(s)? 

so dreams. my dream is to be a working student at some point. I know how much work it entails but I want that. I want to see what I want for me. this summer I'm thinking I wanna do it. my dream would be working with Dom and Jimmy Schramm. that would be my absolute dream. that may not actually happen, but hey a girl can dream right? ideally this would be a 1-2 month position during the summer - live in, wage, training available, bring horse. but we'll see what's up haha. but yeah that's my dream. lol random rant. 

that's all!! 
heels down, eyes up!

Lauren + Evy

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