Monday, January 6, 2014

sorry for the hiatus...

sorry for that momentary hiatus! life got craaaazy and will continue to do so as the week continues, so bear with me!! 

I went saddle shopping two days ago for the princess and after sitting in probably ten saddles, I decided a 17" courbette CC was for me, so we took it home to try!!
if I've done my research correctly, we got a steal of a deal for this baby. she's a little older but after I tried her on princess I took her home and shampooed + conditioned her and she looks and feels a lot better. I'll probably condition again sometime this week because her leather was THAT dry. here's her on Evy: 
I also invested in that mattes half pad. Because she doesn't always use her back correctly when being ridden and she's so out of shape, she tends to get a sore back after being ridden too "hard" (even just trot work). so that's definitely  a work in progress. and it's not related to an injury, and she's seen by the chiro  every couple of weeks to be massaged. the leathers came with it and her owner already has a niiice matching girth we can use, so all I need is stirrup irons and we're set. I really want the black irons, but can't you not use those at recognized events anymore? not that it would matter right now but I don't wanna have 6 different pairs of irons, ya know? oh well. 

thanks for reading!
Lauren + Evy


  1. I'm loving it so far too :) I can't wait to see how much she likes it once I can actually get down and ride (it was -2 degrees here today - YIKES!)

    and I saw your comment on my last post but it wouldn't let me respond - it's so nice to meet another OTTB rider + weenie :) I checked out your blog (which I've been reading through!) and followed your Instagram (I swear I'm not a stalker...).

    thanks for checking out the blog!